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Grovo: the 21st century learning platform

Grovo is a cloud-based training platform that is helping to close the digital skills gap. We teach Internet and modern professional skills through microlearning; 60-90 second videos followed by assessments that help ensure retention.

Using our proprietary digital competency model, we identify a user’s gaps in fundamental skills like communication, project management, privacy and security, fluency across devices and platforms, and then provide personalized training to close those gaps. By personalizing training, we ensure every person learns what they need to be a competent member of the digital workforce.


Microlearning: bite-sized lessons with big results

Microlearning—the process of learning with small, focused chunks of content—is the most effective and efficient way to train today’s teams.

This is a new kind of training for the digital age. It solves the unique challenges facing educators and trainers such as dwindling attention spans, knowledge workers with less time, companies’ shrinking budgets, and perhaps most challenging – rapid technological turnover causing lessons to expire as fast as they’re produced.

Over 5,000 training videos designed by experts

  • Written by Grovo’s instructional designers to ensure that content is effective and accurate
  • Produced by Grovo’s world-class videographers, animators, and editors
  • Organized intuitively, so that learners can find the best content at the right time




Content organized to onboard, train, and develop your team

  • Benefits & compensation: payroll, health & welfare, time off
  • Compliance: discrimination, safety, sexual harassment, travel & entertainment
  • Security & privacy: confidentiality, data, IT
Digital tools
  • Communication: social media, office communicators, email, videoconferencing
  • Gateway systems: browsers, operating systems, analytics
  • Productivity: documents, calendar, file sharing/storage, project management, spreadsheets
Soft skills
  • Collaboration: team communication, project collaboration/management, working remotely
  • Etiquette: digital etiquette, search & research, security & privacy
  • Personal management: attention management, productivity, stress management
  • Performance: productivity, attention management, effective time management
  • Communication: leadership, maintaining netiquette, negotiation, managing email
  • Business management: fostering innovation, developing partners, managing change, building consensus