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The Approved Provider: Training Material


ISTD offers two major types of training material for the ISTD AP:

  • Off-the-shelf - A wide range of courses that are ready to deliver (as illustrated in the Course Catalogue)
  • Tailor-made - Courses that the ISTD Content Developers will especially prepare as per the AP request to meet the training projects needs.
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In both cases the Training Material will be co-branded by the Training centers and the ISTD Logo and if needed the name of the training project. Moreover ISTD can extend an arm by providing the possibility of accrediting in house courses as per its Certified Learning Solution Providers (CLSPs).



The commitment to academic integrity begins with the reviewers. Reviewers are Faculty Members from colleges, universities and industry professionals from Professional Bodies; they were nominated for their skills and experience as well as their knowledge of curricula and instructional methods, alongside the deep knowledge of industry and real work requirements.

ISTD LC’s reputation has gained its excellence with institutions of higher learning as a result of the academic rigor and integrity of the review process followed by the responsible committee.

With commitment to world class Learning and Development, ISTD provides organizations the edge that a highly trained and well-educated workforce secures in today’s increasingly knowledge-based economy.