International Society for Trainers & Developers

The Approved Provider: Training Centre

The Approved Provider: Training Centres are carefully selected to meet ISTD’s highest standards in all areas, including facility, instructors, course delivery, and infrastructure. This program accredits eligible centers through a well-defined rigorous but simple process so they may benefit from the privileges of being members of The International Society For Trainers And Developers.



  • Recognition By ISTD as an Approved Training Provider
  • Access to scalable and customizable Training Material
  • Access to Marketing Material, Case Studies and Other useful administrative documents and templates
  • Full Access to ISTD certified Trainers, Lecturers and Speakers Database


The ISTD Approved Provider Training Centre (ISTD AP: TC) program was developed along the same principles of the quality training material, simplicity in delivery methods, and iterative innovative development. This program provides unique benefits to Training Institutions that use ISTD’s learning solutions in their offering.

Training institutions incorporate the ISTD’s certified Global Professional program of training into their existing curriculum and administer certification to their enrolled trainees and staff. The program is flexible in its design, providing the training institutions with textbooks and related training material to be augmented with its existing curriculum.